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Daily Continental is a contemporary news and Lifestyle magazine operating independently through the official website Our stories cover mostly news and events within/around the African Continent and few stories from the world. Our news and articles include Breaking News, Politics, Business & Finance, Economy, crime, Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Tech and many more.
Daily Continental was born out of the passion for publishing and good journalism with the satisfaction and security of our readers in mind.
We care a lot about the quality of our articles and the authenticity of every news we publish. This is so because we want to ensure that our potential readers have the right and true information and to also prevent them from being mislead or misinformed.

Our Mission

To serve the people (our readers) with good and authentic information in every aspect of life.
To ensure that the right and true information is passed accross to the people in order to fix the broken system of media communication in our continent and the world in general by propagating only news and articles with good veracity.
To inform, educate and entertain our readers with good, relatable, shareable, interactive and educative news, articles and other media content.
Our strong believe is that if our the people have to be informed then they must get the right information from the right source.
Our core values are built around the sense of responsibility to serve the dieing wish of the people for good publication and genuine source of information with love and sincerity— that is, if we must publish, then it has to be good, authentic, educational and informative.
Our staff strength is formed around people of good integrity and value, common people with very uncommon personalities honourable and lovable. People who have love and passion for what they do which include: writing, informing, educating and entertaining our readers in a seamless manner.