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CALABAR: The beautiful Canaan City


Calabar: Calabar is pronounced calabah. Before the colonial period, Calabar was originally known as Akwa Akpa. We are starting the travel page with Calabar, perhaps because the city is the first capital city of Nigeria. Not many people know this part of Calabar history.  It served as the seat of government of the Niger Coast Protectorate, which is the Southern protectorate and oil river protectorate.  As the first capital city of Nigeria, Calabar is also had the first social club in Nigeria, the Africa club, and hosted the competitive football, cricket and field hockey games in Nigeria. The first Roman Catholic mass in Nigeria was held at 19 Bocco Street, Calabar in 1903. The oldest secondary school in Eastern Nigeria in 1895 in Hope Waddell Training Institution which produced the first President of Nigeria, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Weather: Calabar, also called Canaan city, features a tropical monsoon climate with a lengthy wet season, spanning ten months and a short dry season covering the remaining two months. Harmattan is less pronounced in calabar.  Temperatures are relatively constant throughout the course of the year, with average high temperatures usually ranging from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.  There is also little variance between daytime and night time temperatures. It is weather good for tourists.

The People: Calabar has three principal landlord kingdoms, namely the Qua Kingdom of Ejagham(Ekoi)/Bantu origin, the Efut and the Efik kingdoms. The Qua kingdom has the Ndidem of Qua nation as the grand patriarch, the Efut have the Muri Munene as the grand patriarch and the Efik kingdom patriarch is the Obong. Calabar people are mainly people from the greater calabar district- Calabar south, Calabar municipality, Akpabuyo, Bakassi,Biase, Odukpani, and Akpamkpa. In Nigeria, the term ‘Calabar people’ refers to people of old South Eastern state, which is todays Cross River state and Akwa Ibom state.






Opportunities: Calabar is the headquarters of the Eastern Naval command. Calabar has an international museum, a botanical garden, and a free trade zone/port and international airport and seaport. The famous Tinapa resort is an internationally recognised resort which is located to the north of the city, beside the free trade zone. The Cross River calabar7calabar3calabar6calabar1



State annual Christmas festival held every year attracts thousands of local and foreign visitors.

The festival includes musical performance from local and international artists, the annual Calabar carnival, Boat regalia, Fashion shows, Christmas village, traditional dances and the annual Ekpe Festival is a yearly event that is already in the calendars of tourists around the world.




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