Enisa 'Eniola' Nikaj

Enisa Nikaj Overwhelmed with love by Nigerians, Adopts Nigerian Name Eniola

Enisa is now enjoying so much love from Nigerianns after she lend her voice in solidarity for the #ENDSARS protest against police brutality in Nigeria.

Enisa had made series of posts on her twitter handle in order to support the #EndSars Movement. Nigerians on seeing her ccontributions decided to reward her by streaming her songs and trending her on Twitter to support her career too.

Who is Enisa Nikaj?

Enisa ‘Eniola’ Nikaj

Enisa Nikaj known by her stage name as Enisa is an American singer-songwriter known for performing cover songs of popular artists like Adele and Hozier while sharing them with her followers on social media especially Instagram. The singer who now has more than 140k followers on Instagram and moore than 100k followers on Twitter released her debut single “Burn This Bridge” in 2016.

Enisa is a 23-years-old pop singer born on the 5th March 1996 in Brooklyn, New York city. Nikaj makes a blend of pop and soul music. She recently released a couple of singles, ‘Love Cycle’ and ‘Dumb Boy’.

As a result of the massive trends that rushed towards her, Enisa experience a sharp growth in her Twitter followers, interactions on her posts and video views with over a million views in just a week of release of her single ‘Dumb Boy’ on Youtube. The pop singer who never saw this coming shared her excitment on her twitter handle expressing how grateful she is for the love shown to her in recent times.

However, just like Cardi B was giveen a Nigerian name, Enisa now have an adopted Nigerian name ‘Eniola’ from the Yoruba dialet given to her by her Nigerian fans. So far she seems to be enjoying it all.

Enisa ‘Eniola’ will now be doing a collabo with Nigerian artist Davido on her single “Love Cycle”.

Even though the year 2020 has been a remarkable year with so many highs and lows, for Enisa Nikaj ‘Eniola’ 2020 has turned out in her favour so far.

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