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Fintiri sacks officers over impeachment plot


Barely 48 hours after president Goodluck Jonathan convened a reconciliation meeting with aggrieved members of the People�Democratic Party, PDP  where the speaker Adamawa State House of Assembly Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and Governor Bala Nggillari attended.  Fintiri has scuttled a plot to remove him out of office by some
aggrieved lawmakers who felt betrayed by the speaker. Governor Bala Nggilari and the speaker have polarized the state house of Assembly after the impeachment of governor Nyako and the subsequent reinstatement of Nggilari by Abuja High Court.  17 lawmakers have earlier resolved to remove the speaker of the statehouse of assembly but sensing danger, the speaker was alleged to have moved swiftly and caused a crack within the ranks of the lawmakers by wooing 5 of them to his side.

The perceived sponsors of the plot were hurriedly removed from their positions which includes the majority leader Mr Salihu Kabilo and Jerry Kundusi the chief whip.

Kabilo was replaced by the speaker� loyalist and former majority leader, Ishaku Bala while Aminu Iya Abbas has taken over from  Jerry Kundusi and subsequently the speaker who presided the sitting re-constituted the local government probe committee .

A source at the house of assembly noted that the bone of contention between the speaker and the aggrieved lawmakers, was that the speaker used them to clinch the office of the governor of the state by removing Governor Nyako and his deputy.

The source added that Fintiri was only concerned about his ambition at the detriment of other lawmakers who lost out in the build up to the party primaries despite assurances of getting direct ticket from Fintiri who told them that he has gotten the  commitment of Mr. President to that effect.

A source at the assembly noted that Fintiri infiltrated the ranks of the aggrieved lawmakers on the premise that he will compensate them should the court case he instituted against Nggillari was passed in his favour next week.

The speaker has already received the support of  13 lawmakers to his side  leaving the remaining 12 who are sympathetic to Governor Bala Nggilrai.   Executive. Legislative relationship in the state has been marked by mutual suspicion since the coming of Bala Nggillari who was alleged to have been forced to resign from office following impeachment move against former Governor Murtala Nyako and Nggillari who was deputizing Nyako.

Even before the controversial resignation of Nggilari, relationship between the speaker and Nggilari has not been rosy as the two were arch political rivals following local political rivalry that existed between them.

Fintiri who had spearheaded the impeachment of the former state Governor Murtala Nyako has been at daggers-drawn with the state governor Mr Bala James Ngillari and some lawmakers that  sees him as a traitor who failed to secured return tickets for them during the last PDP controversial primaries held in Abuja.

Recently there has been exchange of brick bats between the executive and the legislative following an acerbic advertorial in which governor Bala was purported to accuse President Jonathan of betraying him, while on the other hand there was also similar advertorial accusing the embattled speaker of betrayal to his political god fathers

including former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Murtala Nyako.


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