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Kim kardasian likes comparing daughter with Beyoncé’s daughter


Kim Kardasian, 34 who is said to like comparing her daughter with the daughter of Beyoncé says her daughter is cuter than Beyoncé’s. According to the former house keeper, Kim loves it. The house keeper also says that Kim is also generous and one of the most loved in the family.

kim kardasian

She has been described as extremely humble and down to earth outside the TV reality show ‘keeping up with the Kardasians which started in 2007 on E.  She has been said to have given a computer to a house keeper as Christmas gift. She always likes her entourage to walk behind her.


Khloe 31 is said not to get along too well with Kim behind the scene. She is the third of the Kardasian sisters. She does not like the way Kim throws her clothes and shoes around. Khloe will sometimes hide Kim’s clothes and shoes which make Kim panic.


Kourtney 35 is regarded as rude and unappreciative member of the Kardasian family. Kourtney is seen as a neat freak and overprotective of her children. Kourtney is the eldest of the Kardasian sisters. When it comes to the children and the baby sitter, she micromanages them and it is difficult for the baby sitter to do their work.

Scott Disick drinks a lot and leaves empty bottles of alcohol all the place.]]>

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