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Court renews arrest warrant against Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda



A Lagos High Court in Igbosere on Monday renewed a bench warrant for the arrest of actress and producer, Monalisa Chinda Coker, over a tax evasion charge.

Justice Adedayo Akintoye renewed the order for Coker’s arrest following her failure to appear in court for trial, allegedly since 2017.

She adjourned further proceedings till June 5.

When the case was called Monday, neither Coker nor her lawyer was present.

Prosecution counsel Babatunde Sumonu told the judge that the bench warrant had yet to be effected.

“The bench warrant is to continue,” Justice Akintoye held.

The judge made the original order for Coker’s arrest last January 21, following an application by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.

The state alleged that Coker repeatedly failed to honour a court summons.

The application for her arrest flowed from a two-count charge accusing Coker of failure to file annual tax returns and pay income tax in respect of her company, Monalisa Code Productions, for six years.

Monalisa Code Productions carries on its business from Lekki in Lagos.

On January 21, prosecution counsel, Y. A. Pitan told Justice Akintoye that Coker had not appeared in court since 2017 when the charge was filed against her.

“The defendant has been served with hearing notice. The proof of service is in the court’s file,” Pitan said while making an application for the bench warrant.

Granting the application, Justice Akintoye adjourned further proceedings till February 2.

But on February 2, the court heard that the bench warrant had yet to be effected.

It ordered that the warrant should continue and adjourned till Monday.

Count one of the charges, marked LD/5712c/2017, reads in part: “Failure to furnish and file annual tax returns for the purpose of personal income taxation with the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) contrary to Section 94(1) of the Personal Income Tax Act 2004 (as amended).”

The particulars of the count stated that Coker “of Monalisa Code Productions, being a taxable person in Nigeria and carrying on business at… Lekki… failed to furnish and file tax returns on your personal income for the years 2011 to 2016.
Count two reads: “Failure to pay income tax contrary to Section 56 of the Lagos State Revenue Administration Law of 2006.”




Tob Cohen: Wife Detained for 12 More Days At Muthaiga Police Station



The officer in charge of the court that Mr. Cohen had registered a complaint at parkland Police station said he had been threatened, beaten up and thrown from the second floor of their house by his wife. The court also heard that Ms. kamotho allegedly coached their employees on what to tell the officers in charge concerning her husband’s movements on the day he went missing; and that the employees later cancelled their previous accounts.

Cohen Tob, who has lived in Kenya since 1987, went missing between July 19 and July 20 this year.

The employees at the Cohen’s home previously told the police that he was on the afternoon of July 20-picked up and drive off in a white car while carrying only a briefcase. Mr. Cohen and Ms. Kamotho were reported entangled in a bitter divorce case, at the Center of which was a multi-million shilling property, during the days leading up to his disappearance.

On July 12, 2019 he had also filed an assault case against his alienated wife, during which he also cited continuous harassment and denied of his connubial right by the woman. “On 5th of February 2019 Sarah Wairimu stormed in our clients home office and threw a glass of water aimed at the face of our client and threatened him” reads court papers filed by Musyoki Mogaka & Co. Advocates on behalf of Mr. Cohen.

On July 18 Ms. Kamotho wrote a note to the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi alleging that; “Tob Cohen has depression and mental condition he won’t address for personal reasons and this has been and is causing a lot of problems. Director of criminal investigation George Kinoti on Thursday last week said the missing Dutch citizen could have been murdered, adding that Ms. Kamotho is the prime suspect in the case.

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Revealed: How Tycoon Dutch Tob Cohen Died From Severe Head Trauma



Dutch Tob Cohen

It has now found that the  late Dutch businessman Tob Cohen died from a severe head trauma inflicted by a blunt object. Post-mortal examination results released on Friday revealed that a kick to the right side of the head is what killed him.

Detective found the body at his Kitisuru home almost two months after he had been reported missing,” The body was of a male adult of light skinned race  who had been preserved by refrigerator and was break up….in black polyethylene bag, yellow polyethylene  bag and red polyethylene bag.”

The Pathologists said they collected 10 samples from the deceased’s body that had been found in an underground water tank. Some parts of the body were found to be overrun by parasites while the eyes had been blindfolded, hands and feet were tired with a rope at the neck.

Both hands were fractured with a lot of bruises while his upper lip was found torn on the sides. Report from 5 diagnosticians further revealed that the late Cohen had many rib injuries and bruises on the diaphragm.

The  pathology reports, the late Cohen was found to have bruises on the right side of the face and his left external ear also had a torn ragged  wound. Bruises were  also discovered on the chest, arms, lower limbs and the right foot.

Diagnostician used finger and toe nails as DNA sample for the post-mortal examination as well as sprig and flora(vegetation) they found enclosed on the body.

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