Number of passengers to be limited in fight for coronavirus-kagwe

The number of passengers to be limited in the fight for coronavirus-kagwe. Matatu operators have ordered to limit the number of passengers in vehicles as the government escalates the fight against the coronavirus. Speaking during a press briefing Friday, health CS Mutahi kagwe said the national emergency response committee resolved that 14 seater Matatu will carry a maximum of 8 passengers.

He also said, “30 seater vehicle and 25-seater vehicle will carry a maximum of 15 passengers and are to maintain a 60% maximum of sitting capacity”.

The CS said the order to be applied in gauge railways (SGR) and commuter train service.
He stated that public service vehicle operators have already been directed to observe a high level of hygiene and the new directives will ensure compliance with social distance requirements.

Kenyans are expected to follow the directions of the public service transport operators. There is no need in having 8people in a matatu but two of them are sitting very close together and leaving the other seats. Stay away from each other as far as possible, the CS said.
Matatu operators are expected to clean and disinfect the vehicles at the end of each trip and provide sanitizer to passengers.

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