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The executed Nigerians and others sang till their last moment in Indonesia; what next for FG


It was an emotional moment as the three Nigerians and the other five convicted drug smugglers sang all through the execution to their last breath in Indonesia.  According to the pastor that was present, the eight of them refused to be blindfolded and sang together till their final moment.

indonesia president joko widodo

Those executed were:

  1. Raheem Agbaje Salami(Nigeria)
  2. Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise (Nigeria)
  3. Okwudili Oyatanze(Nigeria)
  4. Martin Anderson(Ghana)
  5. Rodrigo Gularte(Brazil)
  6. Myuran Sukumaran(Australia)
  7. Andrew Chan (Australia)
  8. Zainal Abidin bin Mgs Mahmud Badarudin(Indonesia)
  9. The other two had a temporary reprieve. They are the Filipino woman Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso and Frenchman Serge Areski Atlaoui whose appeal is on-going.


The families of the convicted drug smugglers were allowed to visit them and they were with on Monday afternoon before the sentences were carried out.

Rodrigo Gularte is the second Brazilian to be executed for drug smuggling in Indonesia in four months.


The momentary reprieve brought great joy to the Veloso family and the government of Philippines. Veloso’s mother described it as a miracle. The government of Philippines described the stay of execution as ‘a stay or a reprieve on her execution. That’s why we’re appealing that a new opportunity be given for her to give additional testimony that would clarify that she is a victim of a trafficking syndicate.’

Meanwhile, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott expressed disappointment at the action of the Indonesian government. He said ‘we respect Indonesia’s sovereignty but we do deplore what’s been done and tis cannot be simply business as usual. For that reason, once all the courtesies have been extended to the Chan and Sukumaran   families our ambassador will be withdrawn for consultations.’

There are indications that the Nigerian government  has expressed anger at the latest execution of the three Nigerians.  This analysts regard as medicine after death. The government may argue that it had invited the Indonesian ambassador to appeal against execution when they were arrested, there should have been a consistent pressure on the Indonesian government no matter what the end result will be. It is not clear what will be Nigeria’s next line of action. Government must be seen to fight the cause of Nigerians not matter the circumstance, that is what governments do, and that is what the governments of all those involved have been seen to have done.]]>

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